Policy for Students in England

At British Scholars, we adhere to the regulations introduced in June 2022 by the UK government regarding essay writing services for students in England. These rules aim to regulate the provision of essay services in the context of assessed university assignments. Our customers must understand the criteria outlined below to ensure compliance with these regulations.

Who is Affected?

These rules apply to students who meet both criteria:

  1. Studying in England: The student is enrolled in a university in England.
  2. Ordering for Assessed Submissions: The student is ordering essay materials for assessment university submissions.

Who is not Affected?

The rules do not impact the following:

  • Private or Self-Learning: Students order essays for private study or self-learning purposes, such as enhancing their understanding of a particular topic.
  • Students Outside England: Students studying at universities in Scotland, Wales, or other countries.
  • International Students: Students from England studying at universities outside of England.
  • Other Services: The rules only apply to essay and dissertation orders and do not affect other services, including proofreading, editing, tutoring, marking, and application assistance.

New Ordering Criteria

1.Permitted Essay/Dissertation Orders:
  • Suppose you are studying at an English university. In that case, we will only provide essay or dissertation materials if explicitly used for the following purposes: a) Wholly for private study or self-learning. b) To be published publicly, such as in a magazine or website.
2.Order Documentation:
  • Orders must not be accompanied by documentation, such as a university handbook, marking criteria, or tutor comments suggesting use for a university assessment. Orders with such documentation will be cancelled.
3.Evidence of Use:
  • In cases where order information is ambiguous, we may request additional written evidence to confirm that the work will be used for a permitted purpose. Provide such proof to avoid order cancellation.


We urge our customers to carefully adhere to these rules to avoid unnecessary order cancellations, benefiting both your time and ours. Please contact our support team if you have any questions or need clarification.

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