Terms & Conditions

Standard terms and conditions for the supply of services

All clients ordering essays or other written materials from British Scholars must carefully read and agree to the following Terms and Conditions of Sale.

1. Legal Jurisdiction:
  • Clients confirm purchasing services from a legal jurisdiction permitting such transactions.
2. Intended Purpose:
  • Written materials are sold solely to inspire clients' work as examples of model research, writing, and idea structuring.
  • Clients must never submit these materials to educational institutions as their own.
3. University Regulations:
  • Clients agree to understand and comply with their university or school regulations governing academic work.
4. Quality Assurance:
  • Materials are provided by present or former members of prestigious universities subjected to plagiarism scans and Quality Control analysis.
5. Ownership and Redistribution:
  • British Scholars does not own or affiliate with any essay databank.
  • Materials are not resold, republished, or redistributed. Clients must not violate copyright.
6. Refusal and Responsibility:
  • British Scholars may refuse to continue materials suspected of violating terms.
  • The company bears no responsibility for undetected violations.
7. Use of Services:
  • Client's use is at their initiative. British Scholars is not liable for any decision violating educational regulations.
8. Grade Standards:
  • Clients are supplied with materials equivalent to specified standards. Alteration requests are valid within 10 days.
  • Guarantees do not ensure the same grade if submitted to educational institutions.
9. Deadline Risks:
  • Client reliance on services, risking missed deadlines, is at their own risk. British Scholars accepts no responsibility for consequences.
10. Cancellation Policy:
  • Orders cannot be cancelled once begun. Full payment is required once work commences.
11. Refund Policy:
  • Strict no-refund policy. Refunds may be considered in extreme circumstances at British Scholars' discretion.
12. Confidentiality:
  • Client information is confidential. Personal details are not disclosed to third parties.
13. Accuracy and Errors:
  • British Scholars strives for accuracy; errors may occur. Free alterations may be provided at the company's discretion.
14. Late Delivery Compensation:
  • Clients are discounted 5% for every 24 hours of late delivery.
15. Plagiarism Condemnation:
  • British Scholars condemn plagiarism. Services may be denied to those suspected of committing plagiarism.
16. Client Responsibility:
  • Clients must ensure services comply with university guidelines. British Scholars does not advise on this matter.
17. Copyright
  • All materials remain the copyright of British Scholars Ltd. Reproduction or redistribution without explicit agreement is prohibited.
18. Client Acknowledgment:
  • Clients receive products and services because they have read and understood the Terms and Conditions.
19. Liability Limitations:
  • British Scholars Ltd., its employees, and agents are not liable for inaccuracies, grades, or consequences arising from client decisions.
20. Prohibited Countries:
  • Clients confirm they are not ordering materials from countries where such services are prohibited by law.
21. Breaches and Penalties:
  • Breaches may result in order cancellation and, at the company's discretion, a refund or company credit.
22. Responsible Use:
  • Clients are reminded to use services responsibly, adhering to academic guidelines and avoiding plagiarism.

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